OMAS CUTTER METAL MACHINE IND. AND TRD. LTD. CMP. customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of the quality of team work and social responsibility to be a leader in professional management approach based on an understanding of the industry has adopted the vision itself. OMAS CUTTER METAL MACHINE IND. AND TRD. LTD. CMP. Founded in 1995, the circular metal profile cutting saws produced by international standards, blade disc for marble, granite, asphalt, concrete cutting saws to market their body all over Turkey and exports to Asian countries .. Omas rapid solution to the needs of the experts in open innovation and development in customers' domestic and foreign markets has been working with a team capable of producing. He continued development of innovation and development of our company objectives ISO 9001 - 2008 certification by the increased production of all these procedures and processes accepted international standards. Omas customer satisfaction and sustainable at every stage of a quality he has received guarantees the sample quality without compromising on quality at all stages of production principle and customers continues to work endlessly renewing itself in order to provide products of international standards. Omas as the next innovation in our industry will continue to produce every day, keeping ahead of the cataract customer and employee rights.

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